Ascension Information

Volcanic in origin Ascension lies midway bewtween Africa and South America just below the Equator.
Lying 7° 57'S and 14° 22'W it is only 34 miles² (98km²) in size.
Cable & Wireless through the ages
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  There are five main settlements on the Island. 
  1. Georgetown the administrative "capital" and port.
  2. Two Boats village three miles inland and situated at 600 ft (181m) above sea Level.
  3. Traveller's Hill is where the RAF garrison used to be based; 
  4. Cat Hill is the US Base area.
  5. Residency, the farm and some cottages on Green Mountain

Added to this you have various other populated areas on the Island. 
 1. Airhead - Wideawake Airfield Complex
 2, Power Station at English Bay providing Power and Water to the Islan