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Thanks to all who have contributed to this website

I have trawled through numerous sites about the island some being just plain nonsense and i have checked books and requested information from various places, but there is only so much you can find before you are actually repeating and copying.

I have used mainly photos of my own mixed with others from various places and various emblems logo's etc are from their normal places. I would like to say thanks for help, courtesy and photo's to the following people or sites (mainly in my links page for ease) for helping me build this.

Some photographs are from other sites but will be replaced by my own when i can get my original 6x4 pictures scanned and i get back to Ascension to take some fresh shots that i can use.
I do have about 2000 photo's of my own but these will take time to put on the site due to them having to be scanned and then put on the site

Also i will be collecting photographs from others who have been on Ascension and are willing to scan them so i can put them on the web pages.

The following is my specific thanks to people who have helped me, or have shown me the direction in which to take my pages.

To the Administrator Geoffrey Fairhurst for adding my site to the Official Ascension Site.

Steve Cox, Bob Shackleton and Mike Simpson for the supply of information, as most of SACC's history is before my time.
Catherine Seigneret and Mary Godwin C&W Porthcurno and collections trust for the pages from Cable Ships & Submarine Cables by KR Haigh.
Cable laying picture Courtesy of Dave Bones

Cable & Wireless:-
My Old Managers Jimi Hendricks and Nigel Murdoch for letting me gather information on the earth station site and write a visitor guide (which is now a part of this website) while I was working there with them.
Black and White Photograph of the ASC-1N from Mary Godwin 

Property Services Agency:-
My thanks to Pip Waller who worked for PSA on the Island, also Power House Mills for a general introduction on the history of this department. Again this companies main history is before my time, even though they where on the Island when I arrived. 

Old Photographs courtesy of Dave Bones Site on the Island 

Deep Space Network gif from the Deep Space Network website and old photo of the site from the NASA website on its history

Island Gallery:-
Ariel Photo's taken from the picture in the AIS accommodation office which was taken by the RAF.<br> 

Various sites for information and pictures on these people.  for the Ascension rulers information.
David Gill sketch from George Forbes, David Gill: Man and Astronomer (1916)

Letterbox Walks:-
Information gathererd from the Letterbox walks Booklet produced by the Heritage Society.

Two Boats Village:-
Information and photos from Mike Simpson and his website

Flora and Fauna:-
I am indebted to Philip and Myrtle Ashmole who spent time on Ascension and compiled a detailed and fascinating book about the natural history of both Ascension Island and St Helena.

About the Island:-
Again the Ashmoles and also Barry Weavers site gave me the insight and information on the subject of Ascension's origin.</font></span><br> 

Turtle Island. By Sergio Ghione
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St Helena, Including Ascension island and Tristan da Cuhna. By Tony Cross.
David & Charles 1980  ISBN 0-7153-8075-3 

Ascension, Story of a South Atlantic Island, By Duff Hart Davis.
Doubleday & Co 1973  ISBN 0-385-00314-5 

St Helena and Ascension Island: A natural history. By Philip and Myrtle Ashmole.
Anthony Nelson 2000 ISBN 0-904614-61-1 

Ascension Island Walks Book.By Ascension Heritage Society
Ascension Heritage Society 1998