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Personal Introduction

Name: Ian Chicken.
Work: Telecommunications Engineer.

Worked on the island for 4.5 years in the 80’s for Cable and Wireless, at the Earth Station on Donkey Plain.
Site Introduction
General Category | 15-12-07 01:52 GMT | Posted by Ian Chicken
This is my forth site built about Ascension Island.
It is intended to show as much about the island as it can and is generally shown through my own eyes.

Ever since I arrived on the island in 1986 I have been fascinated by it, as have numerous other people, it is a very unique place on this earth. It contrasts in so many ways, be it landscape, weather, views or its people.

Since returning I have sat and tried to find as many websites, books, Maps etc, to research and produce a website of my own which would cover all aspects of the island and introduce others to this place. It is also to promote peoples awareness of the island and its inhabitants.

I also w
ish to promote other peoples work, websites, thoughts and stories of the island and to try an form a contact list of past and present inhabitants so that they may contact each other.
I trust that you will find this site useful and interesting to look through.
If you have any comments or would like to make additions to this site then please feel free to contact me

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