• Say hello to The Chickens. The home of the Chicken family.

    take a look around and see who we all are and what we all do.

  • We are a small group who build personal websites.

    We build websites, ranging from music to florists through others like aquariums, motorsport and photography.

  • Take a look at some of our works or get in touch.

    below are some of our projects that have been completed over the years.

More About Us

Our Projects.

These are some of the websites we have own, built, maintain or advised on.

Meet Us.

The Chickens

The Family

Ian Chicken

Lead Dad

Telecoms Engineer and avid fan of endurance motor racing

Rebecca Chicken

Lead Mother

Teachers aide.

Daniel Chicken

The Son

Currently procrastinating with my puppy and pouring drinks

Eryn Chicken

Daughter One

Aspiring to be a professional photographer.

Rachael Chicken

Daughter 2