Welcome to The Chickens

Welcome to the home of The Chickens.
This site is just to let you all know who we are and what our interests are.

Cichlid Store

The Cichlid Store is based in Luton.
We breed and sell African Rift lake Cichlids, mainly from Malawi, though we do get Victorian and Tanganyikan breeds from time to time.
We are also stockists of New Era Aquaculture Feeds.

Ascension Island

Ascension Island is small British island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Its is home to a small group of workers looking after Communications systems.
It also has a unique beauty and is a special place to those who have been able to visit.

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Family Crest

The surname of CHICKEN was of two fold origin, it was an ancient baptismal name meaning 'the son of Chick', originally derived from the Old English word CICEN. It was also of the occupational group of surnames for someone who bred poultry for the table.